Lisbon sightseeing tours

Lisbon full day tour

Lisbon sightseeing can be done in numerous ways, some prefer to do it on their own, on foot or with a bike, but these are options usually chosen by those who have been here before. First-time visitors will prefer the option of a specially prepared tour whether it’s through the services of a Lisbon Taxi Transfers services or otherwise.

When it comes to the Lisbon sightseeing tours that we offer, they are not limited to Lisbon tour, we offers a wide variety of tours in an around Lisbon especially to particularly popular locations.

The Fatima Tour will have you visiting the small town of Fatima for either a half-day or an entire day’s duration, so that you can take in completely the importance of this major Catholic pilgrimage site.

The Alcobaca Tour will have you seeing a very small and very quiet town located in of the country’s best wine regions. The main attraction of the place stems from the presence of a medieval Roman Catholic monastery.

The Obidos Tour is great for those interested in seeing a very old fortified city. The name of the city coming from the Latin word for citadel. Interesting to note about the location of Obidos, is that although it is inland, there is a nearby lagoon which is great for sunbathing, swimming and other water related activities.

The Arrabida tour is a full-day tour meant to show you a great natural park which is located on and around an almost five hundred meter hill. The interesting thing about this location is its vegetation, thanks to the peculiar geography of the place, a microclimate has formed here which makes it ideal for Mediterranean-like vegetation to thrive, as opposed to what happen in the rest of the region.

The Coimbra tour offers a great opportunity to see a city with a very rich and old tradition in relation to academics, the old University of Coimbra being among the oldest universities in continuous operation in the world.

The Evora tour is an interesting middle of the road type of city, offering a mix of things to see and do, both ancient and modern.

The Nazare tour is meant as part of a wider visiting itinerary because it is popular both with those who come here because of its religious importance as well as those who come here for the great beach and local culture and intriguing history.

The Sintra tour is a charming and romantic small town situated in yet another wine region. There are several attractions here to keep you occupied, from a natural park to a wonderfully multi-colored castle on a hill.