The best Lisbon events to look forward to in July 2015

The best Lisbon events to look forward to in July 2015

July is the month of all the twelve that, in Portugal at least, offers the full bloom and explosion of happiness, enthusiasm and verve, a display of color, sweet scent on the melancholy sounds of Fado music. So if you are planning to spend summer in the capital city of Portugal, thumbs up! And to know what’s in store for the coming weeks, here are the best Lisbon events to look forward to in July 2015.

Lisbon – and in fact the entire Portugal – lives with a mixed cultural heritage and with a glorious medieval and pre-modern history. For 2 weeks each year, Obidos takes a step back in time and celebrates a glamorous Medieval market. This walled town becomes the playground of knights, minstrels and damsels (in distress or not). This outdoor amazing market offers tourists and locals alike the possibility to purchase traditional foods and other product, handicrafts, but also the opportunity to visit the castle or to attend jousting tournaments.

If you live life on rock strings, Super Bock Super Rock held between July 5th and 7th 2015, will give you a perfect pretext to also visit the beautiful Sesimbra, near the wonderful golden Meco beach. Food can be found here and transport, but also camping opportunities.

To end the month of July, from the 30th day to August 13th 2015, you are invited to attend the Festival dos Oceanos, the Lisbon Ocean Festival, which attracts thousands of international visitors to the shores of Lisbon in a two-week event that features oceanic themes and activities, street performers, night visits to the museum and glorious displays of fireworks.

It is worth staying in this amazing city at least a few days to appreciate its feel and to travel in its surroundings. You can rent a car in Lisbon or book a Lisbon airport transfer online.

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