Discover the most beautiful 5 attractions in Lisbon!

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1. São Jorge Castle
São Jorge Castle, perched atop the tallest of Lisbon’s seven hills, is the most popular tourist destination in the city and, if not because of the structure per se, then probably because of its location, which affords the greatest views of both Lisbon and the River Tejo.
It stands where a former tenth-century Moorish stronghold had stood. The first king of Portugal, Dom Afonso Henriques, commanded a group of crusaders who took control of the castle in 1147. Portugal’s first king is honored within the walls with a metal statue resting atop a cylindrical stone plinth, or statue base.

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Enjoy Portugal’s autumn festivals and events!

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1. Wine Festival in Madeira- 31 August- 17 September 2023
During the first two weeks of September, which also happens to be the island’s harvest, Madeira conducts its annual Wine Festival.
The Wine Festival is a crucial event in both culture and ethnography in Madeira’s history as it honors the renowned syrup made in this archipelago and commemorates the grape harvest at the end of the summer.
There are a lot of amazing activities during the festival, as locals and tourists mix in a wonderful celebration of the island’s famed and priceless wine.
This wonderful event definitely cannot be missed!

2. Chefs on Fire- 8-10 September 2023
The crowning achievement of Portugal’s gastronomic celebrations is Chefs on Fire in Fiartil, Estoril.
Some of Portugal’s most renowned and Michelin-starred chefs prepare a feast using only fire in a stunning park, surrounded by tall pine trees.
Along with a lineup of fantastic bands and musicians, chefs and food vary daily.

3. Feira de Santa Iria- October 2023
The Algarve city of Faro celebrates St. Irene with a grand event every October. It is a nine-day festival of food, handicrafts and amusement rides that is reported to have been around since 1596.
The Faro Fair is held in the Largo de San Francisco, which is nestled between the estuary, the Vila Adentro’s medieval wall and one of its main gates, the Arco de Repouso.
Come and enjoy it, you won’t be disappointed!

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Discover the summer’s greatest festivals and events from Lisbon!

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1. Lisbon’s Music Temple Event- 2nd July
The Music Temple represents a magical place where you can discover your true self, freely express yourself, explore your feelings through dance and establish a connection with the spirit and Lisbon’s cognizant neighborhood.
This occasion offers a space for metamorphosis where your spirit can transcend.
Don’t miss the opportunity to find out more about yourself and bond with other special people!

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Top 5 places to visit in Lisbon!


The capital of Portugal, Lisbon, is famous for its cuisine, nightlife, colorful architecture, fado music, and welcoming residents. Lisbon strikes the ideal balance between the old and the new, and it’s full with both historical treasures and contemporary charms.

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January in Lisbon

Say hello to spring in Lisbon

New beginnings, new year, new hopes and new travels and here is an idea: let’s spend January in Lisbon!

Lisbon is such a warm and welcoming place, it’s like you’re home everytime you are there. Apart from that, it is a vivid and beautiful town, where things happen all the time. After spending a wonderful New Year’s Eve in Lisbon, with a lot of color, lights and fireworks, I bet you would be more than eager to go farther and spend the first month of the new year in Lisbon. Today we are going to look into some of the best and most inspired ideas to spend the most memorable days in the capital city of Portugal.

Here are some of them:

Music is a vital aspect of life in Portugal. But there is more than Fado to enjoy here, so if you are in for classical music to welcome the new year, you are invited (between December 29th and January 5th at the Coliseu dos Recreios for some of the most dramatic Grand New Year’s Concerts.

January 6th is Epiphania or Dia dos Reis, a beautiful time for kids, as they receive presents. It is also a musical day, because carols are sung this day and their music is supposed to last for the entire year and already anticipate the new winter season next year.

If you want more music, on January 4th you are invited to Noite Paraiso at Lux Fragil. Yen Sung, Luis Leite and Jose Acid will be there to offer the best disco show in Lisbon.

MERIT Summit (January 17-18) is another event you must not miss. This unique HR meeting discusses the transformational learning in the corporate world and how this can influence education. The media agency Advent Group has organized this event, which is currently at its second edition. Business success is an important coordinate these years, so it is important to bear in mind the fact that this can start in Lisbon one winter day.

With Lisbon taxi transfers you can enjoy quality transport locally too.

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Going to the beach in Lisbon


The capital city of Portugal has been experienced one of the most mild and warm autumns in recent history and you will not be surprised to hear that people have sunbathed by the Atlantic Ocean up until a couple of days ago. So are you planning on going to the beach in Lisbon? If so, there is a place really close to the city where you can go to enjoy the ocean – or “the sea”, as the locals jestingly call the shores of the Atlantic.

The waters of the Atlantic Ocean are cool and clear, but there are those who still want to take a dip in these waters and the beaches are definitely great. In Portugal, if you are based in Lisbon and have no possibility to go to the happy shores of the Algarve, you can go really close to a small town in the Almada municipality and enjoy the seaside. The name of this place is Costa da Caparica.

How to get to Costa da Caparica? You should really have some pre-booked thing arranged. One suggestion would be to get a Lisbon taxi transfer. Another idea would be to get your own Lisbon car rental. From there, the thing is clear: you just take your ride and drive for about half an hour. You can get there relatively quickly and you will be at the seaside instantly.

The best beach there – or at least the most popular and the go to place from the point of view of the locals is Praia da Rainha – the Queen’s Beach. It is indeed a good choice because there is also a bar restaurant where you can enjoy some of the best octopus in town.

You can also go to the other beaches if you follow the line of the water. The beach is very fine, with silky sand and a lot of seashells to hunt for.

Costa da Caparica therefore remains option number one if you want to go to the beach while in Lisbon.

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October, a great time to visit Lisbon!


You know what’s approaching? October, a great time to visit Lisbon!

You may think autumn is cold and boring; and it is rainy and cold in most parts of the world, but the sun, though not as brightly, does continue to shine in the old capital city of Portugal this time of year.

And apart from this, this October just happens to be a very eventful time in Lisbon. So here are some of the greatest October 2017 Lisbon events to put on your list:

Rock n’ Roll Lisbon Marathon is the first that should make that list. It’s bound to take place on October 15th 2017 and will bring athletes racing from the Vasco da Gama bridge some two kilometers through town. It is one of the most acclaimed sports events in the city.

The DocLisboa International Cinema Festival is also scheduled this October from 19th to 29th. It is the most prominent Portuguese film festival that dedicates all its attention to English and Portuguese documentaries. Local and international filmmakers will be present here, as they are each year. So here is a good opportunity for film buffs to have a bit of fun.

Music lovers and fans of John Legend will be happy to know that their favorite singer will be in town at the beginning of the second month of autumn and will give an incredible concert on October 1st at the MEO Arena in Lisbon. If you appreciate his special timber and romantic songs, you should join!

Also, throughout October (1st to 30th of the month), you can attend the International Furniture and Lighting Exhibition INTECASA. This may be particularly interesting if you are planning to move into a new place or redecorate your home.

So how do we get the most of the city during our trip? One way would be to appreciate the low season period and get the most of it by booking a Lisbon tour to visit all the landmarks available!

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Obidos, a romantic trip

Obidos, a romantic trip

Are you looking for the perfect place to propose to your better half? Our suggestion is Obidos, a romantic trip.

Obidos has been known as “the Wedding Present Town” for centuries. Why? Because it was quite simply offered as a wedding present in 1282 by King Dinis to his Queen Isabel. Around the winding cobblestone streets, the Gothic entryways and medieval buildings overlooking the vast vineyards stretching out in the distance, Obidos is one of the most romantic towns in Europe.

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A day in Sintra is not enough – Part 2

A day in Sintra is not enough

Didn’t we say a day in Sintra is not enough? It seems like we really needed Part 2 to continue our visit to this beautiful Portuguese city.

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A day in Sintra is not enough

A day in Sintra is not enough

Confused about the title? A day in Sintra is not enough to admire the general splendor, to visit all the museums, castles and gardens that adorn one of the most beautiful towns in Portugal and in the entire Europe. Let’s discover them in a few lines. We promise not to spoil the surprise, just to accentuate the anticipation:

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