Cascais Portugal

Cascais beach, Portugal

The small beach town of Cascais Portugal is located right next to Estoril on the coast, and is part of the greater Lisbon area. It’s been something of a first in regards to the tourism industry in Portugal, possibly thanks to it being the former residence of the royal family.

This small and rather charming village is dominated by the bay on the one side and the imposing Cidadela fort on the other. The settlement has been around since sometime during the 12th century and has been inhabited ever since which means that its historic center is brimming with many architectural treasures of many types.

Getting to Cascais Portugal can be easily done when you’re coming from Lisbon, especially if you employ our Lisbon Airport transfers to take you from the airport straight here. Of course you can also take a train, but those who do not speak Portuguese will find it easier to reserve our Lisbon taxi transfers way ahead of time so that they reach their Cascais destination without problems.

Once you’re in Cascais, the place is pretty small, small enough so that you can explore it by foot, the narrow cobbled streets couldn’t be explored any other way, except maybe by bike.

Cascais Portugal

Cascais Portugal

Despite its size, Cascais isn’t what you might picture in your head as a small beach town, quite the contrary, it is seen more as the dormitory of the Lisbon international working community and one of the hot sport for the younger population to enjoy a diverse and very sophisticated nightlife; Cascais Portugal is after all the home of a rather famous beach and nearby Estoril features a casino.

Things to visit in Cascais Portugal

On the other hand Cascais is also a place that is very proud of its ancient heritage and displays it in many venues, such as the outstanding Palacio de Conde de Castro Guimaraes which exhibits a massive collection of over twenty-five thousand books and houses many pre-historic finds from the Grutas de Alapraia. This is a series of caves which were discovered on the 19th century.

There are also quite a few natural attractions that one might be interested in, the aforementioned caves as well as the Grutus do Poco Velho, the famous Boca do Inferno which can be founds just outside the town, and of course several parks and wonderful beaches.

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