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Before we start talking about the options related to Lisbon holidays, let’s look at some basic info about the place. Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, a country located on the west and southwest parts of the Iberian Peninsula, it is the westernmost country on the European continent. Lisbon, or Lisboa in Portuguese, is itself located on the Atlantic coast, at the point where the River Tagus flows into the Ocean; it is the westernmost capital in Europe.

The historic center of Lisbon is situated on seven hills, and this not only makes the city’s streets very steep, making some areas of it inaccessible to motor vehicles, but it also places Lisbon in a very exclusive club alongside cities like Amman, San Francisco and Rome, cities that are also built on seven hills.

Holiday Lisbon options vary tremendously, the city being a very diversified European capital, which still maintains strong links with its past, but also is not shy of the modern.

One of the many types of travelers that Lisbon attracts is the traveler who likes to visit various European locations to get a first-hand view of medieval and ancient history. In case you’re looking for that type of holiday Lisbon, there are a few places that you shouldn’t miss, the Sao Jorge Castle being probably the easiest one to not miss, since it’s located on the highest hill in the city; the Alfama neighborhood, the Covent of Carmo and the Se de Lisboa make that list as well.

Related to this type of historic attraction, there’s the overall architecture of Lisbon which attracts its fair share of visitors each year alone. One example of functional architecture is the Aqueduct of Aguas Livres – Free Waters, this was built at the beginning of the 18th century and is a very imposing construction to this day.

One sight that combines the upper types of attractions, is the Discoveries Monument. It is a very interesting building erected on the River Tagus in 1960 to honor the many major explorers that sailed from Lisbon’s harbor throughout the centuries.

There are some who would go on a holiday to Lisbon as part of something of a religious trek through this highly catholic area of Europe, Lisbon being home to more than just one or two old and beautiful religious buildings.

One of the oldest such places of worship is the Patriarchal Cathedral, built in the 12th century on the ruins of the older Moslem mosque. The building features a late-Romanesque style with a Gothic-style chapel.

The National Church of Santa Engracia is arguably one of the most beautiful churches in Lisbon, its Baroque style taking 284 years to completely bring to reality and after that inspiring the Portuguese expression of “works of Santa Egracia” meaning tasks that are endless.

However holidays in Lisbon don’t have to be limited at visiting architectural monuments and museums, even though we haven’t talked about museums at all, they are a sub-category of both historical and architectural sights. The younger visitors of Lisbon will surely not want to miss this city’s incredible nightlife, especially since Lisbon’s nightlife is considered by many to be in the top ten nightclub scenes in Europe.

The nightlife in Lisbon starts exactly when night falls, at sunset and keeps on thumping till dawn. The nightlife is so vibrant because the inhabitants of Lisbon themselves love to go out at night, and thanks to the variety of the city on the whole, there are many types and styles of restaurants and bars that populate particular areas, each of them with certain particularities. Whether you’re interested in going to the theater, or experiencing the smooth sounds of Fado, Lisbon offers that and more.

All lovers of music should check out the Fado Houses, where you can not only experience the unique emotional music of Portugal, Fado, but also great local dishes and the local atmosphere.

This has been just a very limited look at what Lisbon has to offer, there are many more museums, monuments and potential events that one can experience. All in all, the plethora of options when it comes to holidays Lisbon is extremely large, all you have to do is just book a trip and go there.

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