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Lisbon City Guide

Lisbon City Guide

What follows won’t be a complete Lisbon City guide, no one can never write a complete guide to any major city on the globe, what we’ll offer however is an idea of a very small part of what it would mean to visit the marvelous capital of Portugal.

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Lisbon golf transfer

Lisbon golf transfer to any golf course

Whether you were aware or not of the existence of our private Lisbon golf transfer then you better become acquainted with them after reading this article, because they will make your golfing trip to Lisbon a better one.

There are many reasons to go to Lisbon of course, but some individuals head for Portugal’s capital in order to enjoy some of the best golf courses on the continent, places like Aroeira, Belas or Bom Sucesso being just a few examples.

There are certainly major advantages for employing our private Lisbon golf transfers when going to golf courses such as those in Estoril, Golden Eagle or Oitavos Dunes, the first one being the fact that you can book them online right here. On the form there you’ll see that not only can you change the number of passengers, but there are a plethora of options from which and to which you can go and there are several options once you’re there as well.

Whether you want to go to Penha Longa, Praia del Rey or Quinta da Beloura golf course, our private Lisbon golf transfer can and will get you there, as well as back, or just bring your from a golf course if you happen to arrange transportation through other means.

With this system of booking you can see how much your transfer will cost you and be able to include that expenditure into your travel budget, something that cannot be said if you were to use other means of reaching Quinta da Marinha, Quinta do Peru or Ribagolfe.

Furthermore, with one of our private Lisbon golf transfer you can take proper care of your set of golf clubs; we know that many golfing enthusiasts will go to great expense to travel with their sets of clubs and as such these have to be cared for, especially when transportation is involved.

So for all of you who are planning to hit the courses in any of the upper mentioned locations, or maybe Santo Estevao or Troia, keep in mind that our private Lisbon golf transfers will make the entire experience much better and much easier than it would otherwise be.

The most requested private transfers are tp the following golf courses in Lisbon area:

• Aroeira
• Belas
• Bom Sucesso
• Estoril
• Golden Eagle
• Oitavos Dunes
• Penha Longa
• Praia del Rey
• Quinta da Beloura
• Quinta da Marinha
• Quinta do Peru
• Ribagolfe
• Santo Estevão
• Troia

For golf transfers bookings, please contact us on the contact page – HERE and we will do the booking for you.

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Lisbon half day sightseeing tour

Lisbon half day

Welcome to Lisbon city, Portugal!

Adventure into the hart of Lisbon city it is more easy if you have a guide for a Lisbon half day sightseeing tour. In case you want to see important places and monuments for a half day and your hotel is located in Lisbon city, there is a very comfortable way to do that, using our private Lisbon sightseeing tour transfers. As one of the advantages to use our company is that we use top luxury cars so that you fell as comfortable as a movie star feels.

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Holidays Lisbon – Portugal


Before we start talking about the options related to Lisbon holidays, let’s look at some basic info about the place. Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, a country located on the west and southwest parts of the Iberian Peninsula, it is the westernmost country on the European continent. Lisbon, or Lisboa in Portuguese, is itself located on the Atlantic coast, at the point where the River Tagus flows into the Ocean; it is the westernmost capital in Europe.

The historic center of Lisbon is situated on seven hills, and this not only makes the city’s streets very steep, making some areas of it inaccessible to motor vehicles, but it also places Lisbon in a very exclusive club alongside cities like Amman, San Francisco and Rome, cities that are also built on seven hills.

Holiday Lisbon options vary tremendously, the city being a very diversified European capital, which still maintains strong links with its past, but also is not shy of the modern.

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