Discover the most beautiful 5 attractions in Lisbon!

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1. São Jorge Castle
São Jorge Castle, perched atop the tallest of Lisbon’s seven hills, is the most popular tourist destination in the city and, if not because of the structure per se, then probably because of its location, which affords the greatest views of both Lisbon and the River Tejo.
It stands where a former tenth-century Moorish stronghold had stood. The first king of Portugal, Dom Afonso Henriques, commanded a group of crusaders who took control of the castle in 1147. Portugal’s first king is honored within the walls with a metal statue resting atop a cylindrical stone plinth, or statue base.

2. The famous tram
One of the greatest methods to see Lisbon’s traditional neighborhoods, historic district and old city is via Tram 28.
It takes around an hour to travel from Martim Moniz to Campo de Ourique / Prazeres. The tram is a very well-liked tourist attraction, but people also utilize it as their primary mode of transportation. You should probably anticipate standing the entire ride and huge lines.
Go early in the morning or evening to avoid the crowds, or select less popular stops like Graça (Campo de Ourique – Prazeres direction) or Basílica da Estrela (Martim Moniz direction) to catch the bus.

3. Lisbon Market
A well-liked food hall in the Cais do Sodré area is called Time Out Market. It’s the perfect place to unwind and mingle with friends and family because it has a ton of bars and cafes. It is well-known for its excellent food and beverages, which are served by some of the most well-known chefs and restaurateurs in the city.
Time Out Market Lisbon offers a wide variety of dishes created with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, ranging from traditional Portuguese cuisine to international delicacies. Time Out Market Lisbon’s lively environment, which frequently features live music and entertainment throughout the week, is one of its best features.
To further enhance its charm and character, the market is housed in a historic building that was formerly a city market.

4. Terreiro do Paço
Praça do Comércio in Lisbon is a classic square! One of the largest squares in Europe, it’s more often known to locals as Terreiro do Paço because, before the 1755 earthquake, it was the site of the paço, or palace.
The focal point of Terreiro do Paço is an equestrian statue of King Dom José I, who, having survived the 1755 earthquake, appointed Marquês de Pombal to oversee the reconstruction of Lisbon.
Surrounding the monument, there are symmetrical, arcade-style structures from the seventeenth century! Can you imagine that? These days, ministries and other government offices are housed in the buildings, which were recently painted back to their former yellow color.

5. Ajuda National Palace
Lisbon’s Ajuda National Palace is among its most striking structures. Built as the main house of the royal family in the 19th century, this magnificent architectural marvel showcased a sumptuous blend of Neoclassical and Baroque styles.
You will learn a great deal about the way the royal lived as you explore its halls. Visitors can peruse opulently furnished rooms including beautiful chandeliers, intricate furnishings, and stunning tapestries. The palace is also home to an impressive collection of ornamental arts, sculptures, and paintings.
The majority of the upper floor is dedicated to state rooms, with a magnificent music room located on the ground floor.
The adjacent gardens offer a tranquil haven outside with exquisitely manicured lawns and picturesque vantage spots to admire the palace’s façade.

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