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Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and is located in the center of the country.
Portugal has a population of 10,576,252 people estimated in 2011 and the currency in Portugal is EURO.
Lisbon city has a urban population of 2,042,326 people and the population of metropolitan area is estimated to 2,821,699 people.

His closed cities that souround Lisbon as you can see on the map are:

lisbon map - Cascais  and Sintra on the left side

- the river Tagus is splitting Lisbon in two so on the other side you can see Setubal with a big variety of golf courses.





Below you can see a map of Lisbon and the position on the map in Iberian peninsula.

Lisbon map europe

We can organize Lisbon sightseeing tours of the city and all the regions of around Lisbon, Portugal.

Below you can see a Google map of Lisbon where you zoom in and out all the locations near Lisbon:

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