A Fun History of Lisbon

A Fun History of Lisbon

Today, the capital city of Portugal is regarded as one of the most beautiful and lively cities in Europe and visiting it can be seen as one of the most unique and personal experiences for any traveler. Today, we walk through A Fun History of Lisbon.

Though it only emerged as a nation-state in the 1100s, Lisbon boasts with a history of 300.000 years. Legend has it that the city was founded by the legendary Ulysses himself. This would explain the similarity in name: Olissopo was apparently the ancient denomination, a Phoenician derivate of the words “Allis Ubbo”, translated as “enchanting port”.

Though disputed by the Greeks, Phoenicians and Carthaginians for centuries in antiquity, Lisbon was finally conquered by the Romans, who established their Iberian reign here in 205 BC, founding the city under the name of Felicitas Julia.

During the middle ages, Lisbon was disputed between the Christians and the Moors. In the 8th century, the Arab Moors captured the city and would seize it for 4 centuries.

Recent history (that is to say, post-Reconquista) sees the 15th century of the great geographical discoveries revolving around the great center of Lisbon. Perhaps the most prominent Portuguese explorer of the age was Prince Henry the Navigator. He expanded the Portuguese influence (and the Portuguese land) to Northern Africa.

There are many landmarks in Lisbon which have been classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the Jeronimo Monastery and the Belem Tower. Unfortunately, most of the medieval and pre-modern architecture of the city was destroyed by the 1755 earthquake. The city was consequently rebuilt by the Marques of Pombal and extended towards the north in the 19th and 20th centuries.
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