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Welcome to Evora, Portugal!

Evora Prestige is located in the Alentejo (southern Portugal), at a distance of about 130 km from the historical center of Evora Lisboa. It is part of the UNESCO list of world heritage cities.


Evora, UNESCO world heritage


The city was inhabited in Roman times and was named Julia Liberalitas, and this period left many traces of which stands the temple known as ”the Roman Temple of Diana.” During the barbarian invasions, Evora was under Visigoth rule. In 715 AD the city was conquered by the Moors. Evora was taken from the Moors by Geraldo Sempavor in 1166 (charter granted by King Afonso Henriques in the following year) and became in the Middle Ages one of the most prosperous cities of the kingdom, especially during the Avis Dynasty (1385-1580).

In 1551 the Jesuit college was founded, and here came to know of the great masters of the time such as Clenard and Molina. In 1759 it was closed by order of the Marquis of Pombal, when the expulsion of the Jesuits (the university was again reopened in 1973). The 18th century marked the beginning of the decline of the city of Evora. A witness to the historical and cultural dynamics of various ages, were the many beautiful monuments made by different artists, which can now be admired in all their splendor.

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