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Lisbon Airport sightseeing transfers to Coimbra

Welcome to Portugal!

If you want to visit Coimbra and your flight has landed at Lisbon Airport, there is a very comfortable way to do that, using our private Lisbon Airport transfers to Coimbra.


An unforgettable sightseeing tour of Coimbra

Those of you looking forward to a Coimbra sightseeing tour and have landed in Lisbon Airport – this would be the case even if you’re not looking for a sightseeing tour – can now use our private Lisbon Airport to Coimbra transfers as a means to do exactly this.

Coimbra is a city rich in traditions, especially those relating to academics, the old University of Coimbra being one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in continuous operation on the globe – so that is quite fascinating. Rest assured there are many more things to see and do, but we’re talking about a general sightseeing tour here, for more detail you can arrange an entire stay there

Our private Lisbon Airport transfers to Coimbra use top of the line luxury Mercedes cars, comfortable and very well-maintained, never models older than two years. The type of vehicle will depend on the details of your transfer, mainly on the number of individuals in your party, however if you’ll be traveling with a large amount of luggage, maybe something bigger than otherwise normal would be advised.

The drivers are all professionals with several years of experience, they also speak English, Spanish and Portuguese – so communicating with them should not be a problem if you speak or know how to speak any of those languages. They will wait for you at the Lisbon Airport and will guide you to the transfer vehicle while also helping you with your luggage.

Private Coimbra sightseeing tour at a fixed price

One massive advantage with our private Lisbon Airport transfers to Coimbra sightseeing tours is that you know exactly how much it is going to cost you, before you get there. Our booking form will present you with a fixed price rate once you finish entering the information. This sum you can then take into account as part of your travel expenses, so not only will our services get you from one place to another but you can also correctly budget for them.

This may not seem like that much of a big deal but considering the varying prices of taxi fare and the like, having assurance that you will have transportation and knowing that you’ll only have to pay a known fixed price for it is quite a good deal to have.


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