Obidos sightseeing tour


Obidos sightseeing tour from Lisbon city

Welcome to Obidos, Portugal!

Everyone who is planning an Obidos sightseeing tour should first take a look into our private Lisbon Airport transfers to Obidos city in order to make sure that they’re making the best choice for their transportation needs.


Obidos sightseeing tour from Lisbon city

We say this because you will undoubtedly need to get to and around the city, and our type of services can be that much more useful in the case of an Obidos sightseeing tour.

The transportation options that most people think of when it comes to an Obidos sightseeing tour tend to have to do with taking taxis or public transportation. There is nothing wrong with any of these options, but they have certain drawbacks which make our private Lisbon Airport transfers to Obidos city that much more feasible.

The taxi option might have more drawbacks than you’re imagining, think first about the fact that you’ll be wanting a cab from the airport, a very busy airport, this can mean that you might have to wait a while to get a taxi. Even after you have secured a cab, you should be aware that their fares vary a lot, so the bill at the end might put a serious hole in your travel budget.

Private Obidos sightseeing tour at a fixed price

Now compare those drawbacks with the fact that our private Lisbon Airport transfers to Obidos will be waiting for you at the airport when your airplane touches down – as we said they are private, so only you and yours will be in the car – and the price is fixed. Not only is the price fixed, but you’ll be aware of it before you make a booking, so you can easily take it into account when making your travel budget. Not to mention the fact that you can easily book our transfers online by using the form on the right of the screen.

There would also be the idea of taking public transportation, which would definitely be cheaper than the taxi option, but navigating the Portuguese public transportation system will require at least some basic knowledge of the language, and keep in mind that you’ll also be carrying your luggage all over the place.

With our private Lisbon Airport transfers to Obidos sightseeing tour services you can have the peace of mind of knowing where all your luggage is at all times.


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