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Obidos, a romantic trip

Obidos, a romantic trip

Are you looking for the perfect place to propose to your better half? Our suggestion is Obidos, a romantic trip.

Obidos has been known as “the Wedding Present Town” for centuries. Why? Because it was quite simply offered as a wedding present in 1282 by King Dinis to his Queen Isabel. Around the winding cobblestone streets, the Gothic entryways and medieval buildings overlooking the vast vineyards stretching out in the distance, Obidos is one of the most romantic towns in Europe.

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Obidos sightseeing tour


Obidos sightseeing tour from Lisbon city

Welcome to Obidos, Portugal!

Everyone who is planning an Obidos sightseeing tour should first take a look into our private Lisbon Airport transfers to Obidos city in order to make sure that they’re making the best choice for their transportation needs.

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Obidos city


Lisbon Airport transfers to Obidos

Welcome to Portugal!

From Lisbon Airport to Obidos the travel distance is: 81 Km and the approximate transfer time is: 50 min.

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