Obidos, a romantic trip

Obidos, a romantic trip

Are you looking for the perfect place to propose to your better half? Our suggestion is Obidos, a romantic trip.

Obidos has been known as “the Wedding Present Town” for centuries. Why? Because it was quite simply offered as a wedding present in 1282 by King Dinis to his Queen Isabel. Around the winding cobblestone streets, the Gothic entryways and medieval buildings overlooking the vast vineyards stretching out in the distance, Obidos is one of the most romantic towns in Europe.

Obidos is one of the most picturesques places you’ll ever get to see. It is a dazzling combination of romantic, medieval and traditional Portuguese elements. Part of the architecture is Manueline, which makes it authentic and uniquely Portuguese.

What’s the best spot to watch the entire town? From up, of course! You are welcome to climb the 13-meter walls of the medieval castle to get a panoramic view over the town and its center.

The Manueline 16th-century castle that is one of the greatest attractions in town has been turned into a hotel. Its towers and high walls encircle an authentic and imposing facade. You can walk there hand in hand with your loved one and muse at the time when knights pledged their love to their damzels in an “old-fashioned” and lovely way.

The layout of the city is not very difficult. If all roads lead to Rome, Rua Direita leads straight to the center of Obidos. There, you will find Praca de Santa Maria, the main square in town, with its fountain, the Town Museum, the Church of Santa Maria and the Church of Misericordia.

The Obidos Lagoon, also inland, is a beautiful place to swim or sunbathe. So you see, the city has it all. It is the perfect romantic getaway.

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