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Where is Lisbon located

where is lisbon located

First time visitors will always wonder where is Lisbon located, but thankfully the answer is very quick to come; Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and is located on seven hills. That would be the very, very, short description of where and what Lisbon is.

It should be noted that Lisbon is part of a very small number of major cities built on precisely seven hills, alongside Amman, Rome and San Francisco, however Lisbon has also its own particular way of dealing with its location specifics, namely making the use of water as main element of the city because of the river and the nearby Atlantic Ocean.

Where is Lisbon located? Easy… in Portugal, but where exactly?

The Lisbon city is situated along the northern bank of the river Tejo, following it as it flows into the Atlantic. The streets and stairways keep up with the terrain which means that towards the north, they form old tangled neighborhoods, or just disappear and green parks populate the western suburbs.

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