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Welcome to Portugal!

From Lisbon Airport to Setubal the travel distance is: 48 Km and the approximate transfer time is: 35 min.

Those of you headed for Setubal city will surely have a great time while there, but spare a moment of thought about how you’ll exactly get from the airport to your particular accommodation, because it might be more important than you initially think and our private Lisbon Airport transfers to Setubal city will be ideal for this purpose.

Most individuals might think of taking a taxi or public transportation, and while those options are ok they do have some inherent issues in them.

The taxi option might suffer from the problems of availability to start with. This is a pretty busy international airport that you’ll be landing at and you may not be able to find a taxi when you’re looking for one. This issue then bleeds into the next one because even if you get a taxi, you might have to share it with someone else, and let’s face it, not everybody is cool with that. The final issue with the taxi option is the taxi fare, which you have no way of estimating exactly how much it will be. This will be more of an issue than you think because it can make a serious hole in your travel budget.

Lisbon Airport transfers to Setubal at a fixed price

On the other hand, with our private Lisbon Airport transfers to Setubal city not only will the transfers be private – meaning that only you and your party will be in the car – but they’ll also be waiting for you at the airport at an hour that you specify, thus skirting around the first two problems we mentioned with the taxis. As for the last issue, the cost, you’ll be glad to know that our private Lisbon Airport transfers to Setubal city are all fixed price, meaning that once you fill in all the relevant details in our online booking form, a final price will be displayed before you confirm your booking, thus allowing you to know exactly how much this part of your holiday will cost you.

Don’t overlook this simple advantage of being able to better plan your holiday budget, but if you’re not convinced yet, look further on our site and read up some more on our private Lisbon Airport transfers to Setubal city services.


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