Portuguese Personalities

Portuguese Personalities

Portugal is a country that lives under the solar sign of endless sweet scented summers, the endless Atlantic Ocean and a glorious colonial past. But what shapes a country, the thing that makes for the “national brand”, are also its people. As another year approaches its end, it is time we celebrate the great Portuguese Personalities that make Portugal what it is today and function as ambassadors.

In European and world politics today, Portugal no longer maintains the appearance of a very prominent player. Nevertheless, the historical contribution of this country and its people has been ample along the centuries, especially in the age of great discoveries. Born and bred near the ocean, the Portuguese have always looked at the sea wistfully and hopefully, eager to discover the wonders of the world wherever the tide might take them.

In the gallery of outstanding Portuguese personalities, the first in line are the great explorers. Born in the 1460s, Vasco da Gama found the route to the East by sea and virtually began the story of globalization. Lisbon celebrated his name 500 years after his voyage, naming three important tourist attractions in Portugal’s capital city after him: the Vasco da Gama Tower the Bridge and a shopping mall.

Another 15th century internationally acclaimed figure is Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese explorer who was the one to organize the first circumnavigation of the Earth, the result of his Spanish expedition.

Politics were also involved in the development of European worldwide exploration and trade. The Portuguese celebrate Prince Henry the Navigator, the 14th century Porto-born blue-blood who believed and lived this dream.

The Portuguese are grateful for the legacy of all these figures and celebrate their memory all around the country. Be an explorer yourself and travel throughout Portugal from Lisbon Airport with an airport transfer!

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