Portuguese Personalities (Part 2)

Portuguese Personalities (Part 2)

Portugal is represented by its geography, by its history and by those who helped make it: its people. It is worth celebrating the people that are able to stand out from the crowd, find their voice and their call and dare to change the world.

In a previous article, we focused on the exploring history of Portugal and talked about those who dared to dream the grand dream that the world was actually much wider and more fascinating than they would ever have expected.

But on the list of Portuguese Personalities, there are other famous people to name. The Portuguese are renowned for a bunch of things, one of which is music. The sad strings of the Fado perfectly reflect the melancholy and gentle spirit of the nation born by the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and an iconic Fado singer was Amalia Rodrigues. She was born in 1920 in Lisbon and had a 50 year career in music and acting. After her death in 1999, her ome became a museum and people still pay tribute to her memory and to her artistic legacy.

Today, the Grammy-nominated Portuguese singer Mariza is the new voice of Fado today. In 2004, the whole world was lucky to hear her sing a duet with Sting for Athens’ Olympics.

Sports is yet another field where the Portuguese excel. Like most of Europe, soccer is the “national game” and lots of personalities in the domain take pride in their Portuguese origins. Portugal in turn is also proud to claim them. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most loved football players in the world today. He has been captain of the national team since 2008. Coach Jose Mourinho has managed Internationale and Real Madrid before returning to Chelsea in 2013.

As for writers, let’s not forget about Jose Saramago, who received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1998.

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