Portugal will harbor 1500 migrants or more

Portugal will harbor 1500 migrants or more

It has often been referred to as a “huge humanitarian catastrophe”; the Middle East, Syrian mass migration that has been going on for the past few months is all over the news and Europe has decided to welcome the refugees coming from conflict zones with arms wide open. Among the countries that have confirmed their participation in the collective humanitarian effort, Portugal will harbor 1500 migrants or more.

Portugal answered the May European Union appeal to shelter some of the Middle Eastern and African migrants flooding European countries (particularly Greece, Hungary and Italy) and is making preparations to accommodate around 1500 immigrants. It is hard to estimate an exact number of migrants to be expected, bearing in mind the fact that Greece was the target for over 160.000 people seeking refuge in the country only this year.

According to the New York Times, the recent Oriental migration poses a certain strain on Europe and is meant to function as a “test to core European values.” On September 14th, an emergency interior meeting with the ministers probably followed by a European summit will decide the fate of the following months.

As for Portugal, the capital city’s Town Hall has announced that it will dedicate a 2 million EUR fund to provide temporary lodgings, food, school and health care to refugees. According to Lisbon Mayor Fernando Medina, the money will be distributed in accordance with other Portuguese institutions meant to offer aid.

Portugal today is regarded as a welcoming and tolerant “foster country” and has recently been counted the 5th best country in terms of life quality for expats and foreigners. It is chosen by many Westerners as a retirement spot. It is also an outstanding tourist destination, one you are welcome to explore with Lisbon airport transfer and by car, with Lisbon car hire.

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