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Lisbon Airport transfers to Pontevedra


Let us take you to the beautiful city of Pontevedra

Welcome to Portugal!

From Lisbon Airport to Pontevedra the travel distance is: 475 Km and the approximate transfer time is: 259 min.

For those of you on your way to Pontevedra city, you should take a bit of time and familiarize yourself with our private Lisbon Airport transfers to Pontevedra city services because they might just make your trip that much easier than you’d think, or not think about.

Everybody puts quite a bit of time into finding airline tickets and especially accommodations when it comes to their holiday however, usually they don’t put that much thought into how they’ll get from the airport to their destination. The options that they think of are the traditional taxi or public transportation.

While there’s nothing wrong with any of these options they might not be ideal for your case due to several reasons, some of which we’ll talk about right now.

Private transfers to Pontevedra at a fixed price

The taxi option might be the easiest one to approach, sure, but fares differ from company to company and you’ll never know how much it will cost you to get to Pontavedra city. In contrast with this, our private Lisbon Airport transfers to Pontavedra city are fixed price, so you’ll know exactly how much this expense will cost you. This is a bigger advantage than you might think because now you have a fixed amount which you can take into account for your travel budget.

On the other hand public transportation will surely be a cheaper option, but it will require you to have some knowledge of both the Portuguese language as well as the Portuguese public transportation system. Then there’s also the problem of your luggage, which you’ll be carrying all over with you, off and on various routes, doesn’t make for a great start to your holiday.

With our private Lisbon Airport transfers to Pontevedra city you won’t have to wait for a particular route to come by at a particular hour, our drivers will be waiting for you at the airport at an hour that you specify. More so, they’ll help you with your luggage and show you to your transfer vehicle, so you won’t be wasting time once you touch down. Also they speak Spanish, Portuguese and English so communicating with them should be much easier than navigating through the public transportation system on your own.


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