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Merida, Patrimony of humanity

From Lisbon Airport to Merida the travel distance is: 286 Km and the approximate transfer time is: 165 min.

Before you pack up to go to Merida city for your holiday, there’s one more preparation that you have to get ready, and that is to employ our private Lisbon Airport transfers to Merida city, believe us, you’ll thank us later for mentioning it.

But first off let’s take a quick look at the transportation options that you might have already thought about, taxis and public transportation routes.

These are very valid options, no mistake about it, however they might not be the most efficient ones from a variety of reasons, and let’s start with taxis.

You can find taxis in every major city or town on the planet pretty much, and they’re great when you need to get somewhere fast and don’t have a car of your own, however when it comes to using them as transportation from the Lisbon Airport, you may be better served to choose a different option. The fares vary from company to company, and you can bet your bottom dollar that the drivers aren’t very interested in getting you to your hotel on the shortest route possible.

Private Lisbon airport transfers to Merida at a fixed price

On the other hand, with our private Lisbon Airport transfers to Merida city, our fares are not only fixed, but you and your party will be the only ones in the transfer vehicle. The advantage of having a fixed price is that you can enter that cost into your holiday expenses plan, otherwise you can’t know how much a taxi will charge you to take you to and from the airport.

The public transportation option is a considerably cheaper one, that’s true, however you still have to carry around your luggage and knowing a bit of Portuguese would not be a bad idea either.

With the help of our private Lisbon Airport transfers to Merida city you can travel with a large number of companions, and this not only means that you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that everyone is under the same roof but also that you know at all times where your luggage is. This peace of mind should not be underestimated when you’re traveling.



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