Lisbon Events Autumn 2014

Lisbon Events Autumn 2014

The capital city of Portugal welcomes to greet its people, its rhythm and its spirit anytime you are in for the experience of a lifetime. Either you are here for the first time or already a declared Portugal-addict, you might find useful our brand new list of Lisbon Events Autumn 2014.

If you are in Lisbon now (or planning a trip in the following days), you will be just in time to enjoy the last days of the MEO Out Jazz Festival (which started in May and will end on September 28th). The event is innovative because, beside the sophisticated sound of jazz music, people are granted free access to beautiful Lisbon gardens and parks, such as Cais das Colunas, Estrela and Campo Grande or the gardens of the Tower of Belem.

October is almost here, and it has much fun and excitement in store for everyone.

Doclisboa 2014 is scheduled to take place between 16 and 26 October. Under the slogan “In october the whole world fits in Lisbon”, this festival aims to show the importance and potential of documentary films. This year’s edition is dedicated to the memory of the regretted Peter von Bagh, a prominent filmmaker.

European Le Mans Series 2014 is another important point in the Portuguese events calendar. Sports fans will be delighted to take part in a spectacular spectacle of speed, energy and display of spectacular luxurious race cars. The La Mans Finale this year will be hosted by Estoril and will take place between 18 and 19 October.

October and November are the time for all comic fans around the world to meet at the AMADORA BD – Amadora International Comic Festival, where not only comic books will be presented, but also cartoons and animated films.

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