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Lisbon Airport transfers to Leiria

Welcome to Portugal!

From Lisbon Airport to Leiria the travel distance is: 139 Km and the approximate transfer time is: 80 min.

We’re sure that you’ll have a great time during your time in Leiria city, however you need to be aware of the fact that once you land at Lisbon Airport you’ll need some type of motorized transportation to take you to your destination, and that is where our private Lisbon Airport transfers to Leiria city come into play.

Now you maybe are thinking that you can take a taxi from the Lisbon Airport, or some public transportation, and while there’s nothing inherently wrong with any of those options, there might be a few issues when it comes to them.

Taxi fares aren’t the most predictable of costs, and public transportation, while possibly the cheapest option is also the most complicated one, implying some knowledge of Portuguese as well as the public transport system in general.

Lisbon Airport transfers to Leiria at a fixed price

When it comes to our private Lisbon Airport transfers to Leiria city on the other hand, these are private, and fixed rate, which means that they will be waiting for you at the airport when your flight lands, and you will know from the get-go how much it will cost you.

You can find out the price by completing an online booking with the help of our form on the right, the final cost that you’ll see there will be the only one that you will have to pay for our services. Knowing this rather crucial expense of your trip can help you tremendously when budgeting your money for you trip.

Then there’s the fact that our drivers will wait for you at the airport and help you with your luggage to the transfer vehicle. We should also mention that our drivers are professionals with years of experience and who can also speak English, Spanish and Portuguese, so communicating with them will not be a problem.

There are a bunch of other advantages related to our private Lisbon Airport transfers to Leiria city such as the fact that you can travel with a large party and that our vehicles are very comfortable, but you can read more about those by checking out our website in detail.


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