Going to the beach in Lisbon


The capital city of Portugal has been experienced one of the most mild and warm autumns in recent history and you will not be surprised to hear that people have sunbathed by the Atlantic Ocean up until a couple of days ago. So are you planning on going to the beach in Lisbon? If so, there is a place really close to the city where you can go to enjoy the ocean – or “the sea”, as the locals jestingly call the shores of the Atlantic.

The waters of the Atlantic Ocean are cool and clear, but there are those who still want to take a dip in these waters and the beaches are definitely great. In Portugal, if you are based in Lisbon and have no possibility to go to the happy shores of the Algarve, you can go really close to a small town in the Almada municipality and enjoy the seaside. The name of this place is Costa da Caparica.

How to get to Costa da Caparica? You should really have some pre-booked thing arranged. One suggestion would be to get a Lisbon taxi transfer. Another idea would be to get your own Lisbon car rental. From there, the thing is clear: you just take your ride and drive for about half an hour. You can get there relatively quickly and you will be at the seaside instantly.

The best beach there – or at least the most popular and the go to place from the point of view of the locals is Praia da Rainha – the Queen’s Beach. It is indeed a good choice because there is also a bar restaurant where you can enjoy some of the best octopus in town.

You can also go to the other beaches if you follow the line of the water. The beach is very fine, with silky sand and a lot of seashells to hunt for.

Costa da Caparica therefore remains option number one if you want to go to the beach while in Lisbon.

By Lisbon Airport Transfers