Five ways to kill some time at the airport


As great as air flight is, it does come with a series of issues, and we’re not talking about waiting to check in your luggage and such, we’re referring more to the problem of flight delays and the time that you spend in an airport waiting for connections. And if there is no other choice but to wait in the airport here’s a list of five ways to kill some time at the airport.
Hit the book shop
Most experienced air travelers will pack a book or two for their trip, some flights can last quite a few hours and there is only so much time you can kill by watching a movie or two, some see it as a great opportunity to catch up on their reading.
Whether you like the actual feel of a book, or you want to avoid the volume and physical presence of one and choose to go for a digital one, reading something will most likely broaden your mind and maybe even your vocabulary.
Start a holiday journal
If writing is your thing and you have about twenty minutes or so, you can start a holiday journal – maybe you already have a blog site – and update your friends throughout the trip. You may also want to go more old school and actually have an actual journal in which you can write in.
Catch up on some sleep
Might sound like not a great idea, but depending on how long you’ve been awake and traveling, and also on your stay till your next flight, you may want to track down a more quiet section of the airport or pay for access to an airport lounge and have yourself a nap. No amount of coffee can replace a nice nap.
Catch up on some minor tasks
Not talking about working in the airport, you are on your holiday after all, but most airports have Wi-Fi now and you can easily spend some time reading through older e-mails, do some shopping, pay some bills, that sort of stuff.
Rent a car
If you’re talking about a long delay, more than just a couple of hours, then you can consider employing a transfer to the nearby city and take in a site or two, or simply relax a bit.

There are obviously other things you can do to kill some time while in the airport, it depends on the amount of time that you have.

By Lisbon Airport Transfers