Fatima city

Lisbon Airport transfers to Fatima

Welcome to Portugal!

From Lisbon Airport to Fatima the travel distance is: 120 Km and the approximate transfer time is: 80 min.


A pilgrimage to Fatima

You should be aware of our private Lisbon Airport transfers to Fatima city before you actually get to Fatima city on your holiday. You need to be aware of the great advantages that come with our services because while there are other options, of course, they are not always compatible with your needs.

Getting from where you are right now to the Lisbon Airport is no big deal however once you’re there, and considerably closer to your destination, options get more varied.

One of the options that many people go for in regards to transportation is the taxi. And this makes sense because taxis are an ubiquitous presence in any airport anywhere, however when it comes to considering them from a budgetary point of view, things become less clear. They have varying fares, and this means that you can never be sure exactly how much it will cost you to get to Fatima city.

Lisbon Airport transfers to Fatima at a fixed price

With our private Lisbon Airport transfers to Fatima city on the other hand, you’re presented with a fixed price which will not change and which in turn you can use to budget your expenditures accordingly, it’s great.

If taxis weren’t the option that you first thought of, then the option was most likely public transportation. There’s very little wrong with this one, by far the cheapest however you would be most well suited from knowing some basic Portuguese in order to navigate the network, and also keep in mind that you will be carrying your luggage with you, so quite the endurance test.

Yet again our private Lisbon Airport transfers to Fatima city would prove most welcoming, because not only can you customize them to the number of individuals in your party, but our drivers will wait for you at the airport and help you with your luggage. This means that you won’t depend on public transportation schedules, nor that you’ll need to know the language to navigate through the place.

And apropos of language, our drivers know English, Spanish and Portuguese, so you should be able to communicate with them in any of the upper mentioned languages.


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