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From Lisbon Airport to Faro the travel distance is: 251 Km and the approximate transfer time is: 149 min.


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You’ve made a great choice in planning a trip to Faro city for your holiday, Faro is a great place to see a condensed version of the Algarve however right now, we’ll talk about private Lisbon Airport transfers to Faro city, seeing as how you’ll need to get from the first to the second through some motorized manner.

Till you get to actually enjoy your holiday you’ll first be touching down at the Lisbon Airport and then you’ll need to get to Faro city, and here is where several options are open to you.

One of the most common and popular ones is taking a taxi there, however this option comes with some slight problems. One of them being availability, since it’s not a very rare sight to actually see queues for taxis forming; another one would be that you can never know for sure how much the trip will cost you because taxi fares are anything but fixed or constant, or reliable for that matter, so this option may do well with a bit more thought behind it before jumping in.

Lisbon Airport transfers to Faro at a fixed price

On the other hand, our private Lisbon Airport transfers to Faro have fixed rates and there is no waiting for them. In fact the driver will actually be waiting for you at the airport when you flight is schedules to arrive.

You can also book our transfers online by using the form on the right, once you’re done filling in the details you will be presented with a price, which will be the final price, that’s what you’re going to pay for the services that you’re asking for. This means that you’ll be able to consider that cost when doing your travel budget.

Then there’s the fact that our transfer vehicles are never older than two years and that they are regularly maintained. Another good thing is that our drivers know English, Spanish and Portuguese so that you can easily communicate with them. Not only this but they’ll help you with your luggage as well and guide you to the transfer vehicle.


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