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Welcome to Portugal!

From Lisbon Airport to Badajoz the travel distance is: 225 Km and the approximate transfer time is: 142 min.

Landing at the Lisbon Airport you might think it to be a bit of a problem to travel to Badajoz, however when you think about it for a bit you’ll realize that there are in fact a plethora of options available to you, transportation-wise.

Some of you might be lucky enough to have friends or family already living in Badajoz or in the region and in this case, transportation shouldn’t be an issue at all, unfortunately that won’t be the case for the overwhelming majority of you, so you’ll need a different option.

There’s of course the public transportation route, which implies doing some research into which routes you’ll have to take, from where and when, in order to reach your destination. There is the catch that even if the research may not necessarily require it – although it might – certainly once you’re there you’ll need at least some understanding of basic Portuguese in order to navigate.

A third option would be arguably the easiest of them, taking a taxi from the Lisbon airport to Badajoz, however you should be aware that the fares for conventional will vary and might prove to be quite high, so again this option doesn’t seem to be a great one.

However we are here to offer you a forth option, one that is pricier than the first two at least, however it will prove to be cheaper in the long run when compared with the third one once you’re aware of all the advantages that our private Lisbon Airport transfer to Badajoz feature.


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Lisbon airport transfers to Badajoz at a fixed price

First of all you can book them online on our website, which means that you can prepare your transportation well before actually getting there, so that’s a major plus to start with.

Another advantage is that our rates are fixed, so you can budget accordingly.

Our drivers will be waiting for you at the Lisbon Airport arrivals hall and will help you with your luggage while also guiding you to the transfer vehicle.

Our transfer vehicles are no older than two years and will vary in size depending on the number of individuals in your party.


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