A low-cost trip to Lisbon

A low-cost trip to Lisbon

Everybody wants to travel and Europe is truly the ultimate destination for so many people. The only issue is money, which is why many of us are deprived of the chance to make their perfect journey. But what if we told you there is the option of a low-cost trip to Lisbon?

In recent years, Portugal has earned an important place on the list of destinations that are both beautiful and accessible, especially when we talk about its seaside. Lisbon is also an accessible destination, but we can’t quite place it on the “cheap places to visit” list. Nevertheless, traveling to Lisbon on a low budget is an option! There are just a few small details you have to bear in mind.

First, you need to book everything in advance. Look for inexpensive accommodation a couple of months in advance at least and go for plane tickets early bookings options as well if you can. There are lots of unpredictable (but logical) expenses inside the city, such as meals and transportation. For the latter, you have the option of cheap Lisbon transfers which you can also book online.

The most important tip, we guess, is to avoid the high season. Lisbon is very crowded in the summer months, as well as around the most important holidays: Christmas and Easter. If possible, try to book your vacation in Portugal outside these dates.

What to visit in Lisbon on a low budget? Here’s a good question!

Sightseeing independently, without a guide, is the greatest free option. And there is a lot to see in Lisbon, from the Monastery of St. Jeronimo and the Belem Tower nearby to the markets, the Tagus riverfront and the historical city center.

Among the free museums, you can visit the Berardo Collection (which includes works by Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso) and the Nucleo Arqueologico Museum, a beautiful journey into the past. Enjoy!

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