A family-friendly trip to Lisbon

A family-friendly trip to Lisbon

Some of us might travel to Portugal for business or just as a solo act, but for those who have children, things are put into a completely new perspective and a family-friendly trip to Lisbon is required. We thought we’d come to their rescue with some ideas today!

A highlight for every tourist coming to town, the amazing Oceanario in Parque das Nacoes presents the wonderful marine life in one of the largest, most modern aquariums in the world. Last generation technology is available, presenting multilingual and interactive informative programs.

Education could never be more fun than in the Pavilhao do Conhecimento Cienca Viva, located nearby, in Parque das Nacoes, where kids and youngsters can learn a fun version of Sciences, Physics and Chemistry.

A cable car ride can also prove fun for kids and it will give them things to talk about for days.

Kids love animals as well, so a visit to the Lisbon Zoo is in store for a successful trip and a day you can offer a smile to your children. Among the animals you can find here, we should count giraffes, parrots, monkeys, hippos, snakes, birds galore and many other friends, all set in an exotic, faithful to nature environment.

But probably above all, what children love is a beautiful puppet they can clasp to their chest or pull the strings of. The Lisbon-based Museu da Marioneta does just that: it offers children the chance to be puppeteers for a moment while learning interesting things about the history of puppets around the world. An impressive collection of string marionettes from all around the world is lined up in this museum founded in 1987, counting string, glove and wood poppets from Portugal, China, Brazil, India and many more.

And you can hire a family car in Lisbon or a Lisbon tour to take your merry group all around town!

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