A day in Sintra is not enough

A day in Sintra is not enough

Confused about the title? A day in Sintra is not enough to admire the general splendor, to visit all the museums, castles and gardens that adorn one of the most beautiful towns in Portugal and in the entire Europe. Let’s discover them in a few lines. We promise not to spoil the surprise, just to accentuate the anticipation:

Located in the Grande Lisboa region, Sintra is truly emblematic for its 19th-century romantic architecture, as well as for the lavish fairytale atmosphere. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and frankly speaking, I haven’t met anyone so far to dispute the city’s right to this title. Sintra is truly beautiful and there are dozens of attractions to explore.

There are two palaces in Sintra that are truly memorable and they are not to be confused one with the other. First, there is the Pena National Palace, the fairytale colorful castle, built by the Prince Consort Ferdinand Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, husband to Queen Mary II of Portugal. The man was a true artist and if you think the outside is impressive, decorated with colorful towers and facades, you should see the lavish interior as well! It is a true romantic dream.

The second castle worth mentioning is the Sintra National Palace. Its construction began in the 8th century, under the Moorish rule, although there are no relics left from that age. Built in the middle ages, in the 14th century, the castle was restored after the 1755 great earthquake and is the oldest surviving castle in Portugal.

The 19th-century Palacio dos Milhoes looks a bit imposing from the outside (if not downright spooky).  No wonder it served as a movie set for Johnny Depp’s movie “The Ninth Gate”. Surrounded by mazes and interior gardens, the palace is a wonderful mystery just waiting to be discovered.

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