A day in Cascais

A day in Cascais

Although an entire trip there sounds like a brilliant idea, for today we’re going to settle for at least a day in Cascais, one of the richest, oldest and most beautiful cities in Portugal.

Cascais, at the heart of the Estoril Coast, is one of the richest, most popular towns in central Portugal, found just 30 kilometers away from Lisbon. In the past, Cascais was hailed as a prominent cultural, political and economic hub due to its strategic positioning at the mouth of the river Tagus.

Today, Cascais is sought after by both local and international tourists. Most of its architecture is very spectacular, dating back as early as the 15th century. The ruins of a medieval castle are also targeted by many history nerds, as well as the Cascais Municipal Museum, housed in the 1890 Palace of the Counts of Castro Guimaraes. From there, actually, you have the most charmingview over the sea.

The aristocrats discovered Cascais in the 19th century, when King Fernando II declared the town his favorite summer holiday retreat. From there on, the nobles started building summer houses near the vast and sunbathed beaches nearby. Part of the local charm of Cascais is in fact rendered by these architectural wonders.

The place is known as “the town of fishermen and kings” because, before the king and his nobles started coming here, it was a mere fishing village. (Well, granted, one with a special history, but still).

If you want to sunbathe, please know that Guincho is considered the best beach in town, especially for surfers. San Pedro and Carcavelos are also excellent options and there are transfers from Lisbon to Cascais to take you there and back. Actually, you can opt for one of the Lisbon tours as well if you want an in-depth visit to this beautiful city or wish to explore the entire Estoril region.

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