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Enjoy Portugal’s autumn festivals and events!

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1. Wine Festival in Madeira- 31 August- 17 September 2023
During the first two weeks of September, which also happens to be the island’s harvest, Madeira conducts its annual Wine Festival.
The Wine Festival is a crucial event in both culture and ethnography in Madeira’s history as it honors the renowned syrup made in this archipelago and commemorates the grape harvest at the end of the summer.
There are a lot of amazing activities during the festival, as locals and tourists mix in a wonderful celebration of the island’s famed and priceless wine.
This wonderful event definitely cannot be missed!

2. Chefs on Fire- 8-10 September 2023
The crowning achievement of Portugal’s gastronomic celebrations is Chefs on Fire in Fiartil, Estoril.
Some of Portugal’s most renowned and Michelin-starred chefs prepare a feast using only fire in a stunning park, surrounded by tall pine trees.
Along with a lineup of fantastic bands and musicians, chefs and food vary daily.

3. Feira de Santa Iria- October 2023
The Algarve city of Faro celebrates St. Irene with a grand event every October. It is a nine-day festival of food, handicrafts and amusement rides that is reported to have been around since 1596.
The Faro Fair is held in the Largo de San Francisco, which is nestled between the estuary, the Vila Adentro’s medieval wall and one of its main gates, the Arco de Repouso.
Come and enjoy it, you won’t be disappointed!

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