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Lisbon airport taxis

Lisbon airport taxi

Those who visit Lisbon and who come from abroad can use our Lisbon airport taxis in order to get from the airport to their destination, and then back again. Lisbon is an extremely popular European capital, and its only been increasing in popularity in the past couple of years. As this has happened, an increasing number of visitors have come here and told others to visit.

The city is ideal for visiting for the most part of the year, thanks to the Subtropical-Mediterranean climate that features mild winters and really warm summers. Lisbon in fact benefits from the warmest winters on the continent, with average temperatures above fifteen Centigrade, so Lisbon makes a great travel destination even during winter. One might consider that especially during winter. Being close to the ocean is also a feature that helps with the weather.

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Lisbon Map


Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and is located in the center of the country.
Portugal has a population of 10,576,252 people estimated in 2011 and the currency in Portugal is EURO.
Lisbon city has a urban population of 2,042,326 people and the population of metropolitan area is estimated to 2,821,699 people.

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Holidays Lisbon – Portugal


Before we start talking about the options related to Lisbon holidays, let’s look at some basic info about the place. Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, a country located on the west and southwest parts of the Iberian Peninsula, it is the westernmost country on the European continent. Lisbon, or Lisboa in Portuguese, is itself located on the Atlantic coast, at the point where the River Tagus flows into the Ocean; it is the westernmost capital in Europe.

The historic center of Lisbon is situated on seven hills, and this not only makes the city’s streets very steep, making some areas of it inaccessible to motor vehicles, but it also places Lisbon in a very exclusive club alongside cities like Amman, San Francisco and Rome, cities that are also built on seven hills.

Holiday Lisbon options vary tremendously, the city being a very diversified European capital, which still maintains strong links with its past, but also is not shy of the modern.

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Lisbon Golf Transfers

lisbon golf transfers

While most may not think of Lisbon as a destination for golfing adventures, rest assured that our Lisbon golf transfers are available for a reason, and a really good one. Golfing enthusiasts know that when they’re looking for a golfing destination, that is easily accessible, relatively quiet, with affordable courses and wonderful weather – not to mention the extra added bonus of excellent nearby beaches – the Lisbon coast is the place to be.

There are at least twelve, very highly rated golf courses in the greater Lisbon area, most of them being located between Estoril and Sintra where some great accommodation options are available as well.

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Cascais Portugal

Cascais beach, Portugal

The small beach town of Cascais Portugal is located right next to Estoril on the coast, and is part of the greater Lisbon area. It’s been something of a first in regards to the tourism industry in Portugal, possibly thanks to it being the former residence of the royal family.

This small and rather charming village is dominated by the bay on the one side and the imposing Cidadela fort on the other. The settlement has been around since sometime during the 12th century and has been inhabited ever since which means that its historic center is brimming with many architectural treasures of many types.

Getting to Cascais Portugal can be easily done when you’re coming from Lisbon, especially if you employ our Lisbon Airport transfers to take you from the airport straight here. Of course you can also take a train, but those who do not speak Portuguese will find it easier to reserve our Lisbon taxi transfers way ahead of time so that they reach their Cascais destination without problems.

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Where is Lisbon located

where is lisbon located

First time visitors will always wonder where is Lisbon located, but thankfully the answer is very quick to come; Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and is located on seven hills. That would be the very, very, short description of where and what Lisbon is.

It should be noted that Lisbon is part of a very small number of major cities built on precisely seven hills, alongside Amman, Rome and San Francisco, however Lisbon has also its own particular way of dealing with its location specifics, namely making the use of water as main element of the city because of the river and the nearby Atlantic Ocean.

Where is Lisbon located? Easy… in Portugal, but where exactly?

The Lisbon city is situated along the northern bank of the river Tejo, following it as it flows into the Atlantic. The streets and stairways keep up with the terrain which means that towards the north, they form old tangled neighborhoods, or just disappear and green parks populate the western suburbs.

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Lisbon Airport


Most international travelers to Portugal’s capital will be landing at Lisbon Airport and regardless of their reasons for coming here, they can and will benefit tremendously from our Lisbon Airport Transfers services.

Being the capital of a country one can expect Lisbon to be quite large but Lisbon is much more than just the largest city in Portugal, it is also considered to be a global city because of the part that it plays in regional finance, commerce, media, international trade, education and not least of all tourism.

These are only a few of the many reasons why you may be visiting Lisbon and during your visit, you will surely be in need of transportation and that’s where our Lisbon car rental services come into play. Not only can you rent from a wide range of vehicle models, but our services can and will have the car of your choice ready and waiting for you at the airport at an hour that you specify. This means that you can completely eliminate much of the wasted time that would normally happen between landing, picking up your luggage and then arranging for transportation.

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