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Portalegre city

Lisbon Airport transfers to Portalegre

Welcome to Portugal!

From Lisbon Airport to Portalegre the travel distance is: 224 Km and the approximate transfer time is: 138 min.


Alegria in Portalegre

Going on a trip to Portalegre city can be a great holiday choice, and while most individuals will think very carefully about getting plane tickets in order to get there and then do some research into the various accommodation options, but not many will spare a thought to private Lisbon Airport transfers to Portalegre city, and they should.

The thing is that most people consider that they will take a taxi from the Lisbon Airport and they’ll get to their destination without any fuss. That is partly true, keep in mind that this is a very busy airport we’re talking about, so you may actually not always find available taxis, meaning that you’ll have to wait for a while. This definitely isn’t a great way of starting your holiday.

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