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The Troia Portugal resort finds itself situated on a privileged location on the west coast of Portugal, a region characterized by calm waters and the beaches of the Costa Alentejana which rival the betterknown counterparts in the Algarve in tranquility and water temperature. Some say however, that the beaches of the Costa Alentejana surpass the ones in the Algarve in regards to the beauty of their surrounding landscape.

When talking in those terms about a certain region of a country already well-known for excellent beaches, it is quite the compliment and isn’t done with a light hand, because the place is worthy of all those adjectives and more.

The Troia peninsula is a place of incredible natural beauty that is touched only be the sea, so much so that there are wooden boardwalks that lead you straight to the sea as if they’re directing you towards paradise. Thanks to its location, the Troia resort provides a unique type of holiday experience thanks to its wonderful vegetation which will see palm trees growing alongside pine trees, diversity which in turn creates diversity for animal life as well.

troia transfers

Troia Transfers

The Troia resort is located at less than an hour’s drive from Lisbon, and it can be easily reached with some Troia Lisbon Airport transfer services in case you want to get there from the time you touch
down in Lisbon. On the other hand there is also the Troia ferry option which can be always taken into consideration by those who are already in the country.

Besides the great time that you can have while spending a short holiday at the Troia resort, you should know that it also offers the chance of owning a piece of it in the form of apartments, townhouses or villas. The resort features a 18-hole golf course, a marina, tennis courts, restaurants, a health spa and 24-hour security, alongside five kilometers of continuous beach.

On the other hand, if you just want to check it out on a day-trip you can always make use of some Troia transfers to get you there and back again.

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