Ericeira City

Lisbon Airport transfers to Ericeira

Welcome to Portugal!

From Lisbon Airport to Ericeira the travel distance is: 54 Km and the approximate transfer time is: 50 min.


Beautiful Ericeira

Going to Ericeira city for your holiday will be a great change of pace, but before you get there you’ll actually need to arrange yourself a means of transportation that will take you there.

When heading to Ericeira city you will surely be landing at the Lisbon Airport, however once you touch-down in Portugal you’ll need a different type of transportation so let’s take a look at your options.

Taxis are probably the first thing that one’s mind flies to in such situations, and while there’s nothing wrong with this option on its face, one should be aware that taxi fares are anything but fixed, and since many others have thought of the same thing that you did, you might actually have to wait in line, and pay a lot of money.

There has to be public transportation though, right? While that is definitely true, going for this option will depends heavily on both your comprehension of the Portuguese language, your knowledge of the route or routes that you’d have to take and of course, on the amount of luggage you’ll be carrying with you.

What we offer is so much better than either and both of those put together, because our private Lisbon Airport transfers to Ericeira city are not only fixed priced, but our drivers will also speak English, Spanish and Portuguese – but let’s start from the top.

The first advantage of our private Lisbon Airport transfers to Ericeira city is that you can book them online, right now, from the comfort of your living room, by simply filling out the form on the right side of our website. After filling in some important information there, such as the number of passengers in your party and your destination, you’ll see the total cost of your transfers. A fixed price cost, which you can then take into account while budgeting for your trip.

Our drivers are professionals with years of experience, and not only can you communicate with them in either of the earlier mentioned languages, but they will also be waiting for you at the airport and guide you to your transfer vehicle, nothing could be easier.


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