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From Lisbon Airport to Cascais the travel distance is: 30 Km and the approximate transfer time is: 35 min.

You’ve made a great choice in booking yourself a holiday in Cascais city, a very popular and lively city in the Algarve region, however you’re not there just yet, so let’s take a look at what you have to do in order to get there safely.

We’ll not talk about how to get to the Lisbon Airport, that one should be a given by now, what’s not that much of a given is how you’ll get from the Lisbon Airport to Cascais city – this is where you actually have quite a few choices, even if you aren’t aware of all of them.

You’re probably thinking of taking a cab from the Lisbon Airport to Cascais, and while this is a very valid option, you need to be aware that in some cases there will be waiting lines for taxis, and the fares vary a lot – especially when you’re traveling with a larger party and with a lot of luggage, this is a cost that you can simply not be aware of when budgeting your trip, and it might just throw everything else into disarray.

There’s also public transportation, which maybe you haven’t thought of, because honestly you’d have to carry your luggage around possibly a series of means of transportation, and knowing some Portuguese wouldn’t hurt in this version of things either, so this option might just stay in the trash bin.

Lisbon Airport transfers to Cascais city at a fixed price

One other – truth be told improbable – idea, would be to have someone you know already in the region, come by and pick you up, but let’s face it, this option might only be available to 0.2% holiday-makers.

What you actually need is to look into our Lisbon Airport transfers to Cascais city, and thankfully you can do so on this exact website.

You can book a Lisbon Airport transfer online by using our form, where you’ll fill in some important information in regards to the number in your party and drop-off locations. This is important to do because not only is it required in order to book a transfer with us, but also in order to give you a price as to the cost. A fixed price may we add, which should be very easy to keep count of when you’re budgeting for you trip.


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