Alcobaca city

Lisbon Airport transfers to Alcobaca city

Welcome to Portugal!

From Lisbon Airport to Alcobaca the travel distance is: 125 Km and the approximate transfer time is: 85 min.


Alcobaca City and Castle

Those of you who are headed for Alcobaca city by plane will most likely be landing at the Lisbon Airport. This is the biggest airport in the country, since Lisbon is Portugal’s capital after all, and from here on you will have to ensure some form of transportation to Alcobaca.

At this point in time there are a couple of options open to you in regards to transportation. If you happen to already know someone in the area, say a friend or a family member, then you can just ask them to come to the airport and pick you up. Despite how great this option sounds, it’s very unlikely that ninety-nine percent of visitors will actually have an acquaintance in the region, so this option falls by the wayside first.

Then there’s of course the option of public transportation, however that would imply having at least some basic knowledge of the Portuguese language, or some hardcore research to be sure that you’re taking the right line and getting off at the right place and so on and so forth. So this option isn’t a great on either.

Possibly the option that most of potential visitors consider is that of taxing a taxi, and that would make sense in most other situations, however the distances in the Algarve, while small, the taxis fares won’t follow suit, and if you’re on a bit of a budget this option won’t cut it either.

Lisbon Airport transfers to Alcobaca city at a fixed price

There is another choice however, that of employing our Lisbon Airport transfers to Alcobaca, which are fixed price, and you can easily book online.

This option can prove to be much more affordable in the long run, because it doesn’t require the amount of time to research as the upper mentioned ones, and also our drivers can speak English, Spanish and Portuguese, so you’ll be able to communicate easily with them.

Depending on the numbers in your party, they’ll wait for you at the airport with a car, at the hour that you specify, they will help you with your luggage and then take you to your destination.

With our Lisbon Airport transfers to Alcobaca city, you can enjoy the trip in comfort and safety.


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